It’s going to be Katherine.

I know this is a long post, but please, READ IT ALL guys. Now I’m pretty sure that Katherine will be the one who sleeps with Klaus.

Today I came across Carina’s TVD spoiler chat from Friday and I re-read the beggining of it since back then I had joined the conversation later on. The point is that, after she released the spoiler about Tyler sharing a dance with Caroline, she started the topic of Elena/Katherine by saying that "Having her humanity turned off doesn’t necessarily make her emotionless" but most people were still asking her questions related to the first topic (including one of Klaroline). Yet, without anyone asking for clarification, she kept expanding on the differences between Elena/Katherine and here’s what she had to say about that: "She’s not worried about anyone else’s feelings, she’s not compassionate. BUT, the main thing differentiating her from Katherine is that she’s still not manipulative. She’s not a liar like Katherine; she doesn’t use sex to get what she wants”.

Two lines ahead she said “I can’t say anything about the Klaus sex or I will be murdered but speculate away!”. I might be reading too much into it, but I was left under the impression that this was Carina’s way of letting us know who Klaus sleeps with, without actually saying anything.

And now that I think about it, it could actually make sense, because Hayley is connected to Katherine, Katherine has the cure, and Klaus will be getting “interesting” information out of Hayley, which I’m guessing will be about Katherine’s whereabouts. I could see Klaus spending the whole episode following clues that would get him closer to Katherine, as a way of building up the “tension” to the actual “moment”.

Because, think about it… it could still be Hayley, but that would be too obvious, it would have no proper building up to the sex scene, Hayley hates Klaus and for all I know was actually interested on Tyler, she was the cause of all the hybrids that Klaus had worked all his life for, being unsired and therefore killed, and the whole using-sex-as-a-way-of-getting-information-out-of-somebody’s-head thing was already used and pretty critised by the media and fans in season 3, so I can’t see them going there again. Plus, it’s not Klaus’ type to do these kinds of things.

For as much as it hurts, Caroline is pretty much out of question by now, because she’ll be worried about Elena the whole episode and most probably won’t even share any scenes with Klaus. It’d be too soon, too out of character and if they did indeed have something, she would not be trying to convince him to help her and Stefan with Silas in the episode afterwards (I’m pretty sure he’d need no convincing in doing anything for her, and she would be so embarrassed or regretful that she’d what to stay away from him).

Plus, for the way the hot hybrid sex has been adressed (eg: “Klaus will be getting some action”) I’m pretty sure it won’t be a dream sequence or a flashback, they’re making a big deal out of it. Specially not a flashback, because we all end up knowing when there are flashback episodes and there’s one right in the week after. In addition, they wouldn’t just put a random flashback scene in an episode without any context, they always do full flashback dedicated episodes.

Elena, I’m like 99% sure it’s not. She absolutely despises him, Carina basically just confirmed that she won’t resort to sex to get anything she wants, the Salvatores won’t leave her side the whole damn episode, and Klaus is like the 2nd biggest Stelena shipper out there, so let’s just scratch that already.

SO, I could see the sex with Katherine happening for the reasons I’m going to state next from both POVs.

By the end of the episode, they would end up meeting and Katherine would give Klaus the cure in exchange for her freedom. With no more impediments, that would lead up to sex because:

Katherine’s Motives:

  1. For as much as she hates him, it’s her thing to use sex as a means of manipulation. She could do it as a way of putting the wall that’s standing between her and Klaus down, to try to make him less suspicious of her/believe that she wants to get back in his good graces, which would allow for her to then strike back somehow or get on with some hidden agenda that she needs to distract his attention from.
  2. What if she gives him the cure but her intention is not actually to give it to him, so she tricks him into having sex with her to then, in that more vulnerable state, steal it back or try to shove it down his throat? (remember that Joseph said the storyline around the sex scene was “interesting”, so I’m guessing there’s more to it than just sex to satisfy his needs [which, by the way, kind of invalidates the random girl theory, now that I think about it], so this could be an example of it)

Klaus’ Motives:

  1. Similar to my theory for Katherine, I think Klaus could do it to make her believe that he’s falling for her plan when in reality he isn’t. For example, he could make it look like now that everything is settled between them it’s ok to have hate sex or something, when in reality he also just wants to shove the cure down her throat to reverse a doppelganger back to human form and at the same time get rid of the possibility of it being used on him. Or he could try to kill her (note that I said try because they would never kill Katherine. With the Originals going to the spinoff they NEED her for season 5). Remember that interview when the sex was spoiled to be in 4x16? They mentioned blood before ink, and if this was a hint, this could somehow be one of the explanations for it, who knows? x)
  2. [MY FAVORITE THEORY, OMG] Katherine knows everything. What if, because of her reasons, she wants to have sex with Klaus, but has to somehow convince him, and what better way to accomplish that, than to bring up Caroline and how much he cares for her and/or how much SHE doesn’t care? Feeling like she has figured him out, feeling weak and feeling the need to prove her wrong, should make him go for it.

Adding to all of this, Joseph has said in an interview that even though Katherine wants to stay away from Klaus as much as she possibly can, this matter will not be brushed over, and the only episode in which they can possibly wrap this up is 4x16, because we know 4x17 is a Klefaroline episode, and 4x18 a Klaroline one. Then 4x19 is the last one before he leaves for the spinoff which, unless the 18th is his last one, will be to say goodbye and not to spend the already so little screen time he has, with Katherine.. So, anything related to them HAS to happen in the next episode.

The fact that Klaus would have sex with somebody who is not Caroline should be enough for Joseph to think he would get hate mail after this episode, after all, the majority of his fans are Klaroline fans…

I still feel like Klaus&Caroline MAY do the deed in 4x18 as well though, or at least have a hot make out session, because of the “Getting physical" tweet from Joseph, and because Caroline will probably not even know about this or get slightly jealous over it, in case she does ;)

Another plus is that, well, it’s not something Klaus&Katherine haven’t done before, right? I mean, 500 years ago but still.. Much better than Hayley, or Elena or whoever.

So I think this theory is what makes the most sense, but we’ll see… These are my thoughts/theories. Do you agree? What do you think? Please let me know!